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Our Founding Team


Dr. Brenda Jones

School Founder

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Damoniece Lowe

Assistant Head of Schools -


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Adam Holdren

Director of Operations

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Adrienna Morelan

Assistant Head of Schools - 


Dr. Brenda Jones was born and raised in Nashville, TN. She is a proud graduate of Metro Nashville Public Schools. She is an alumnus of Belmont University, Middle Tennessee State, and Trevecca Nazarene University.


She started a career in education and has served as a math teacher, instructional coach, Dean of

Curriculum, and Assistant Principal.


During the Pandemic, Dr. Jones served the community by opening a Tutor Center to support families during virtual learning. In addition, she has spent the past 4 years coaching school leaders and teachers across the country.


It has been a life-long dream for her to open a school. Dr. Jones firmly believes that “Education is the key to access opportunities for personal and professional freedom.”

A native of Dallas, TX, Ms. Lowe holds degrees from The University of Texas at Austin and Southern Methodist University.


Ms. Lowe's dedication to early childhood and literacy initiatives blossomed during her studies, where she mentored students in historically underserved communities. This fueled her commitment to ensuring quality education for all students, particularly in the early grades.


Niecy's career has spanned roles as a teacher, early learning instructional coach, and district instructional specialist, where she focused on dyslexia and literacy, driving systemic equity-oriented changes. She also provided leadership coaching to enhance campus and student success.

Born and raised in Northern California,, Mr. Holdren began his education journey at UC Santa Barbara, where he studied  Sociology and Women’s Studies.


Afterward getting his degree. he moved to NYC where he taught Special Education and Science in while earning a Master's in Urban Education.


Mr. Holdren later moved to Nashville, where he excelled in various educational roles. However, it was in his work as an operations leader where Mr. Holdren discovered his true passion – the exhilaration of solving complex problems and creating innovative systems.


Outside of work, he enjoys Nashville's sunshine with his pets and embraces outdoor activities. 

Originally from Knoxville, Tennessee, Ms. Morelan moved to Nashville at age 8 and proudly became the first in her family to graduate from college at Austin Peay State University.


Starting her career as a Teacher Assistant at Metro Action Commission, she later extended her impact to private and charter schools as a STEM teacher for kindergarten, 2nd, and 3rd grades.


Adrienna's dedication to community empowerment led her to mentor parents, teachers, and fellow STEM educators in classroom culture, lesson delivery, and data analysis.


Engaged in various educational initiatives, she served on the Education Advisory Board, acted as Assistant Principal of STEM for summer school, and led professional development sessions for staff members.

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