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sample daily schedule

Due to the use of the Montessori curriculum in the elementary setting, the work cycles have specific priorities. For example, the morning work cycle would include the following:

  • Trained Lead Montessori teachers will guide individual students through new lessons in small groups based on student readiness. These lessons range from letters and sounds to sensorial works that develop concentration and self-control. In between lessons, teachers (both leads and assistant teachers) observe children to see who needs more help, and who is ready to move on.

  • Children choose the work they will practice based on the lessons the teacher has given them. Students return to work until they have mastered that skill. T

  • The topics covered integrate hands-on experiences in language, math, geography, arts, music, and practical life. This time will also include related arts which will allow teachers to have planning periods as well.

The afternoon work cycles include the following:

  • Core Knowledge Language Arts: “Listening and Learning”/ELA Seminar: This is held as a grade-level group session.

  • Math seminar: A small group session where the teacher walks students through solving a challenging, grade-level math problem together; typically aligned to a Tennessee State Standard.

  • RTI/Enrichment: Students are in tiered groups based on a universal skills assessment. They are working on filling gaps based on the data collected in class and ongoing assessments.

  • Classroom jobs and/or clubs: Children develop responsibility by taking turns doing different tasks. These might include feeding classroom pets, watering plants, sweeping, preparing snacks, cleaning up after meals, and organizing materials. Our students may be stewards of a particular shelf of materials or a student ambassador who might meet guests. This time will also include related arts which will allow teachers to have planning periods as well

Elementary School Sample Schedule

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Middle School Sample Schedule

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